The collection of scientific papers “Law Journal of Donbass” is a Ukrainian professional peer-reviewed edition (with international participation). The edition is aimed at promoting advanced knowledge and solving problematic issues in the field of legal sciences.

  1. Scope of distribution:


  1. Target audience:

Scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff, practitioners of law enforcement and human rights protection structures.

  1. Scientific directions (thematic focus on a particular field of science within the framework of a scientific specialty or group of specialties):

Theory and History of State and Law; Constitutional and International Law. Commercial Law, Civil Law, Labor Law. Administrative Law and Process; Finance Law; Information Law. Criminal Law and Criminology. Criminal Process and Forensics; Operational and Investigative Activities.

  1. Frequency of publication, edition volume, print circulation:

volume of the edition – up to 30 conditional printed sheets; frequency of publication – 4 times per year; circulation – 100 copies.

  1. Authors of scientific periodicals:

leading scientists, young scientists, graduate students, associate professors, degree seekers, practitioners of law enforcement and human rights protection structures.

  1. Founder of the edition:

Donetsk Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

  1. Languages of the edition: Ukrainian, Russian.
  2. Documents on state registration of print media:

КВ № 22761-12661 LR dated May 30, 2017

  1. Registration as a professional edition:

Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 409 dated March 17, 2020; branches of science: legal (081 – Law).

  1. Registration details (ISSN) of an international serial edition, registration year:

ISSN 2523-4269, 2017

  1. Implementation of mandatory distribution of the edition:

Mandatory distribution of the edition includes 14 recipients (according to the annex to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 608 dated May 10, 2002 “On the procedure for delivery of mandatory copies of documents”).

  1. Basic principles:

objectivity and impartiality;

high demands on the quality of scientific research;

article review policy;

strict observance of copyright and related rights;

compliance with professional ethics;

strict observance of the journal release schedule;

condemnation of plagiarism;

open access policy;

involvement of scientists-beginners in publications: postgraduate students/applicants of Donetsk Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine do not pay the publication fee (2 articles in the issue).

  1. Policy of the publishing process:

evaluation of the research for compliance with the subject of the journal;

selection of reviewers;

peer review;

finalization of article;


approval of the material by the Editorial Board; making a publication fee;

prepress preparation;

printing work;

distribution of printed copies and publication on the journal’s website.