Placement of  «Law Journal of Donbass» in scientometric databases, depositories


Index Copernicus International

Index Copernicus International (ICI) Journals Master List (Republic of Poland) – it is an international database in which periodicals from all over the world have been evaluated every year for 20 years (today according to more than 100 criteria). In 2020 out of tens of thousands ICV journals, only 4,458 journals were received, 814 of which were from Ukraine and 78 law journals.
Google Scholar – search system for full-text publications of various formats and disciplines. The Google Academy project has been operating since 2004, allows tracking the citation of works, which forms the citation index (Law Journal of Donbass): h-index 17, 10-index 28

V.I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine  the main all-Ukrainian book collection, a nationwide complex center, which has been operating since 1918, the largest in terms of resources is the book depository of Ukraine (funds – 15.8 million units). One of the largest national libraries in the world. As a particularly valuable cultural object is protected by the state.
Crossref (The USA) – International Association of Publishers of Scientific Publications, established in 2000. This service does not store the full texts of scientific publications, but it stores information about the links of publications through Digital Object Identifier (Crossref DOI) technology, as well as metadata of published scientific materials.
Research Bib (Japan)  The international multidisciplinary database of scientific journals, which includes descriptions of journals from more than 5,400 publishers, is the largest database of journals (420,000 titles) that are available for free on the Internet.
Directory of Open Access Scholary Resources (ROAD) –

Catalog of open access scientific resources, which is a service of the International Center ISSN with the support of the communication and information sector of UNESCO, launched in 2013 (ISSN journal search).


 наукових видань України

The Register of Scientific Publications of Ukraine is a reference and information resource designed to inform the scientific community and improve access to information about Ukrainian scientific publications in various branches of knowledge. Created by specialists of DNU UkrINTEI. Information on scientific professional publications presented on the resource is regularly updated, and the general list is updated in accordance with the decisions made by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


EuroPub (UK) is a comprehensive multi-purpose database of scientific literature, with indexed issues of reputable journals and indexed journal articles from around the world. The database was established in 2015. It currently includes more than 27,000 journals and at least 700,000 articles.