Top 5 Reasons to Publish Ethically

  1. This ensures scientific progress

Truth is the basis of science and the driving force of new ideas. The scientific community thrives when each participant publishes honestly.

  1. This protects life and the planet

Ethical publication ensures that we trust the information on which the future of treatment, technology and policy is built. Published works based on erroneous data may form an inappropriate basis for further research, leading to loss of resources and detrimental effects on patients, communities or places of residence.

  1. This contributes to ethical behavior

Doing the right thing sets an example to follow, strengthens our responsibility to our colleagues and to society in general. Believing that our actions will not matter or being above the law we can lead those who do not have the best knowledge and rely on our results.

  1. This is good for your reputation

There is nothing better than publishing and receiving praise and encouragement for a well done job. Follow the right path. The published article is a constant testament to your work. Do not become part of a minority, who will eventually shy away from publishing and will have a bad reputation.

  1. This is the only way

Good reputation and honesty open the door to new opportunities. Your work represents not only you, but also the team of research institution and other scientists.


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